Feb Wed 2013

Ex recovery system Review by Ashley Kay

Feb 13, 2013 BY

Ex Recovery System is a self help guide for those who want to get their ex back. Written by Ashley Kay, Ex Recovery System PDF teaches various methods for both men and women, psychological techniques and other methods that will enable you to win back your ex. As Kay claims, by using the counter intuitive Read More

how to beocme a guy magnet

How to Become a Guy Magnet Review

Feb 06, 2013 BY

As a girl, you would fancy becoming the eye candy of guys. Although women try their level best to look attractive and voluptuous, their efforts may all go down the drain if they aren’t able to attract the best man for them. In fact, many fail to recognize their perfect man in the first place Read More


Ex Boyfriend Guru Review – Get Ex Boyfriend Back by Matt Huston

Feb 03, 2013 BY

There are various Get your ex back products released by various dating gurus and PUAs out there. Ex Boyfriend Guru is an ebook by Matt Huston.  Targeted for women(obviously), this book will help you fill in the gaps in your older relationship and comprises of techniques that will bring back the love of your ex. Read More


Speed Seduction Secret Training Collection Review

Feb 03, 2013 BY

Ross Jeffries the renowned pickup artist and dating coach has produced many dating guides and courses for enthusiasts. One of his programs called the Speed Seduction Secret Training Collection has gained wide popularity. After going through the program myself, I decided to review Speed Seduction training collection. I must say that it is one of Read More


Daytime Dating by Jeremy Soul Review

Feb 02, 2013 BY

You can meet a woman during daytime or during the nighttime. Jeremy Soul’s Daytime Dating is all about the dynamics of meeting women during the day and how you can succeed in the same. The book gives a deep insight into the fundamentals of dating women during the daytime. The book is enriched with wealth Read More

matt artisan

Pickup artist academy review

Feb 02, 2013 BY

Don’t you want to be the man whom women beg to be with? Don’t you want to make your friends envious of seeing so many hot girls with you? You definitely want and from what I assume, you have not been too successful with that. Before you start dating or hitting on a hot woman, Read More

from buddy to bedmate

From Buddy to Bedmate Ross Jeffries’s Review

Feb 01, 2013 BY

Haven’t you wanted to make out with that hot friend of yours who thinks of you no more than a friend? You may be doing everything possible to make her happy but you might still be stuck in the friendzone because she just sees you as a friend. If that is the case and you Read More


Female Orgasms Secrets revealed

Feb 01, 2013 BY

Pleasing a woman in bed can be quite difficult for many men. It is every man’s dream to please his woman to satisfaction in bed. However, many men fail to see the things that excite women in bed or drive them to orgasm. It can in fact be quite tricky because the way women perceive Read More


Sexual Aggression Mastery review

Jan 31, 2013 BY

Sexual Aggression mastery is a program by Ross Jeffries, the author of Speed Seduction. Sexual Aggression Mastery is all about turning things to a sexual note with women. Ross mainly preaches the benefits of getting past her resistance for sex and your feelings that keep you from having sex and how you can overcome them. Read More


How To Date Multiple Women Review

Jan 30, 2013 BY

You must have heard of the widely popular dating program The Tao of Badass by Joshua Pellicer. How to Date Multiple women is another program by the same writer that serves you ascend to the newer levels of badassery with women. Josh is a well known writer who has helped thousands of men find success Read More

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