Political Dating sites help you Date with someone in your political party

Wouldn’t you like to date someone who has same political views and proclivities as yours? Love of course shouldn’t be biased based on political views, creed or any other thing but if two people think alike, they would get along better. It so happens sometimes that you mention being a supporter of a different party than what your mate supports and your date comes to a standstill. So, having someone to date in your political party is also quite necessary for your love life.

Finding the right partner is kind of difficult even in the internet dating world and finding one with similar political opinions may be even more difficult. For some people, being like-minded in terms of political views is very necessary and it becomes a decisive factor in maintaining the longevity of the relationship.

Political Dating WebSites RedStateDate.com and BlueStateDate.com

If you are worrying about finding a date in your political party, you should try political dating websites like RedStateDate.com and BlueStateDate.com. These two sites are meant for connecting like-minded people with their running mates, as claimed in the site’s tagline.

Amidst other dating sites that connect dog lovers, vegetarians etc, it is no surprise to see sites like these come up. Although, only a small fraction of people are interested in the political views of their partners, it makes quite a big number and its definitely worth having a site just for them. These political dating sites are pretty much similar to other dating sites in the business. Users are required to fill their qualification, education, interests, location and most importantly, their political inclinations. To support their political views they can write about their most inspirational leader, their favourite talk shows, philosophers they admire and their philosophies, things that interest them the most etc.

The three part assessment form that users are required to fill up on Bluestatedate.com and Redstatedate.com has questions regarding your economic, foreign policy and social views. Based on these, the political spectrum of a user is decided. Once they complete this form and start looking for a politically compatible partner, they can choose topics that are important for them to find a potential match. The detail and precision with which a user fills their profile is directly proportional to their probability of finding a compatible match.

Launched in October 2012, just before the elections, Bluestatedate.com and Redstate.com are gradually on the rise. The founders of the sites say that around 15 percent of their users are from the Metro Area. They mostly have members from Washington’s DC area and unsurprisingly, these members are also younger as compared to the ones living in other areas.

You must be wondering why two political dating websites instead of one. Well, its because of the two political giants in America. However, it could be a bit disappointing for those who aren’t very attached to a single party.

So, if you value political views in a relationship, bluestatedate.com and redstatedate.com are definitely worth a try for you. Several have already joined the site and have started to pair up, so you could also be the next to start seeing someone with similar political opinions as yours.

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