Melt Your Man’s Heart Review

Melt your man’s heart has been doing a lots of rounds on the internet. Melt your man’s heart is a book written by Randy Bennett. A well known relationship expert for over 20 years, Randy through his extensive knowledge has helped thousands of couples succeed in their relationships. This Melt your man’s heart review is aimed at helping you decide if this is the right book for you.

Melt your Man’s heart is a guide that would help women groom their overall personality and make themselves more desirable by men. This comprehensive book actually stands out among other self help books for women. If you decide to read the book, you should be prepared to get baffled as the author suggests some really unique ways to attract your man and make him fall for you. Don’t worry, the book doesn’t tell you to be manipulative but gives great insights on things that you may never have thought of before. The book aims at helping you make your man more involved in the relationship and show a great level of commitment.

In Melt Your Man’s Heart, Randy Bennett tells how your behaviors or dances that you perform during your marriages create the distance between him and you and keeps him from loving you the way he should have loved. Even if you do your best to please him and try to become an ideal housewife, you may not get the attention you deserve from him. No matter how much you scurry around the house to keep everything tidy or how much you take care of him, you don’t get the same level of dedication from him. If this is really the case with you, you yourself may be sabotaging your relationship.

Melt Your Man’s Heart Review

Randy Bennett in Melt Your Man’s Heart says that there are basically 7 traits of a self sabotage spiral that keep a woman from getting the love she deserves from her husband.  Many women have a belief that if they keep doing things that make her husband happy, she will eventually make him love with all his heart. But essentially, this is quite a misconception as Bennett points out in Melt Man’s Heart. Many women think that if they keep talking or doing things, she will grab attention of her man. Actually, this may annoy him instead. Also, too much of an ideal behavior isn’t good for a relationship either. If you try to be too nice to him and do everything as he orders, you will appear more submissive to him and this may be a turn off. Men always desire women who are hard to attain and have a formidable personality. Many women fail to understand this.

Also, some women think that if their man isn’t treating them well, they will never be able to get his attention through their life or will never open up to them. This is a misconception and if women learn to act and behave the right way with their man, they can succeed in winning his love. Randy Bennett details out methods through which women can significantly alter their behavior and mindset that would melt their man’s heart. Randy explains each characteristic of an unsuccessful woman and tells how they can significantly change themselves to become more desirable to their man.

If you have read Melt Your Man’s Heart review before, you must have heard of the different communication styles. Bennett tells how these communication styles actually have an adverse effect on a relationship.

Melt Your Man’s Heart Communication Styles

The four different communication styles according to Bennett are:

  1. Passive
  2. Passive Aggressive
  3. Aggressive
  4. Assertive

The first three styles, according to the author sabotage a relationship while the last one significantly strengthens relationships.

The Passive communication styles are actually the ones that come into play when women are actually afraid of doing anything fearing that it may upset their husband. Such women try to avoid a conflict or quarrel with their husband at all costs. Although she may have great desires, she will suppress them due to the fear that their man may oppose them.

Melt Your Man’s Heart PDF Download

Melt Your Man’s heart ebook PDF download is offered by the author through his website. You can download Randy Bennett’s ebook that has four chapters.

Melt Your man’s heart Chapters

The 136 page ebook Melt Your Man’s Heart has four chapters.

1. Why some women succeed when other’s fail

2. Healthy vs. unhealthy relationships

3. The biggest sex organ: intimacy starts in the brain

4. The new woman: drive your man wild with the new you

I don’t want to miss an addon in this Melt Your Man’s Heart review that you’ll receive along with the book. Along with the book, you will receive “Your Life Script” a special companion guide that helps you personalize the program. This addon will help you gain success much faster.

I have managed to sum up the most essential points in this Melt your Man’s Heart review. Randy Bennett is a really great writer and his book can be a potential help to women who aren’t being able to attain the attention of their man.

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